Trauma: Eyelid Lacerations and Orbital Fractures


The delicate eyelid and eyebrow tissues are easily traumatized by blunt and penetrating injuries.  Our physicians have extensive experience repairing lacerations to achieve an optimal cosmetic result. 

Orbital Fracture

The bones of the eye socket are incredibly fragile. If the bones are broken and displaced (moved from their normal position), problems can arise. Some patients will develop permanent double vision after a fracture if it is not repaired. If the fracture is large enough, patients may develop a sunken eye appearance with associated facial asymmetry. Repair of broken bones in the eye socket is performed in an operating room with the patient under anesthesia. Small incisions (usually inside the eyelid) are used to access the fractures, and delicate instruments are used to reposition the tissues. Typically, a thin flat implant is placed over the fracture to cover the bony defect. Several different types of implants are used depending on the specific needs of the patient. Our doctors are experts in this area of the body and utilize extreme caution to protect the eye during fracture repair.

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