We offer televisits for many conditions. Please contact our office to schedule a televisit. 

Preparing For Your Televisit

You can use either a computer (as long as it has a camera and microphone) or a smartphone or tablet for your televisit. Sometime before your scheduled appointment time, be sure to login to either the Patient Portal website on your computer or setup the Healow app on your phone or tablet. You should have received a Username and Password from our office. This typically comes in an email. (Call us if you need us to reset your password or tell you your username.)

  • If you will be using a computer for your televisit, click the link below to login to Patient Portal.

Patient Portal

  • If using a smartphone or tablet, login to the Healow app (available for free in the app store for Apple and Android devices).

Helpful Tips For Successful Televisits

  • Be sure that you have a good WiFi internet connection
  • Sit in an area with good lighting on your face
  • Reduce background noise
  • Turn up the volume on your device (test before the call to be sure that you will be able to hear the provider)